Washigton National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral

I think that beginning a new blog is a little bit like sitting down to write a letter to a friend whom you haven’t talked to in a very long time.  Where do I start?  How do I share all the things that have happened that I want to tell you about?  What do you want to hear and what doesn’t matter?

The focus will be travel.  I’ve written a few travel blogs before, but they were for a very specific audience – the parents of the students who were traveling with me needed to be kept informed and a blog was a perfect means to accomplish that.  Since I enjoyed writing and sharing those blogs so much, I’ve been thinking for some time of starting a new one and so here it is!

I became a Licensed Tourist Guide in Washington, D.C. because I love to share the history and the sights of the city with visitors. A blog is another extension of that and here I hope to be able to tell about some of the places I’ve come to know and love!  But in addition to that I love to explore new places both near and far so I’ll include a wide range of sites and stories.


Annapolis, Maryland