Sprinkles Georgetown, D. C.

Sprinkles Georgetown, D. C.

Hidden in plain sight in the heart of Georgetown, Washington, D.C.  is another little gem of a cupcake shop – Sprinkles Cupcakes.  Its bubblegum pink exterior stands in sharp contrast to the re-purposed red brick turn-of-the-nineteenth-century structures that surround it. Step inside and one is immediately struck by the minimalist yet tasteful style with the daily selection of confections on clear display behind glass.

There are 12 to 16 selections available every day on a rotating basis – a pocket sized “selection card” lets customers know which days their favourites are in stock.  Additionally, there are seasonal selections such as a Key Lime delight for Cinco de Mayo,  and I am eagerly anticipating the re-arrival of my personal favourite, Salted Caramel (heaven!).

Salted Caramel cupcake Sprinkles, which has been in its Georgetown location for 2 years, is the brainchild of Candace and Charles Nelson.  Formerly investment bankers,  in 2002 they decided to create a better cupcake and proceeded to develop their flavours over the next two years.  With it’s flagship store in the Nelson’s home state of California, Sprinkles now boasts 12 locations nationwide and has recently opened a store in Kuwait.

In the works for the Georgetown shop is a “cupcake ATM” which will dispense cupcakes and doggie cupcakes on a 24 hour basis and can hold as many as 600 cupcakes.  Any daily leftovers are donated to a local food pantry in keeping with Sprinkles desire to give back to the community.

Sprinkles is open Monday – Saturday from 9-9 and Sunday from 10-8.  Stop in, there are no lines and Sprinkles’ friendly staff will invite you to linger over a cup of coffee and a delightful cupcake at the bright tables set into the window bays.  Mother’s day is Sunday, May 12.  If you’re heading to Mom’s for dinner and want to bring along a dessert that is sure to be a hit, stop in to Sprinkles and pick up a variety box of daily specials.  They are sure to be a hit.  I’m a mom. I know. cupcakes behind glass

Sprinkles Cupcakes  3015 M St., NW, Washington, D.C.  20007  (202) 450-1610

Facebook.com/sprinklesdc  Twitter:  @sprinklesdc