For a while I’ve been thinking of writing about doors.  I know that there are many posts about doors, but there are plenty to go around and I love them!

I had a walking tour in Georgetown, Washington, DC yesterday.  It was a glorious late summer day, with brilliant sunshine and clear, fresh air.  While we strolled through the streets, I was sharing stories of some of the more famous residences and a gentleman walked by with his gorgeous little cinnamon coloured terrier.  As he passed our group, he chirped, “And this is a Georgetown dog…” which, as intended, drew smiles, laughs and more than one pat on the head for the little terrier.

When my tour was finished, I returned to my car and who should I find sitting on the steps of a Georgetown house, right beside my car, but the same gentleman and his dog.  I stopped to pet her and we began to chat.  He asked me about my tour and in the course of conversation about firemarks, interesting homes and famous residents, he asked if I were familiar with Julia Child’s unique yellow house at the end of Olive St.  I was familiar with the house and the fact that she had lived there, but not with the anecdote he JChild's G'town houseproceeded to share.

JChild's house rear view

Garden View

He had worked for the Associated Press and had the occasion to interview the Queen of Cookery, Julia Child.  During the interview, she asked him where he lived and when he said Washington, DC, she got more are more specific until it was determined  that he lived on Olive St., NW which is the same street on which she and her husband, Paul, had lived in the 1970’s.

JChild's Georgetown

2706 Olive St., NW dressed in country french colours

The house at 2706 Olive St., NW is a lemon yellow wooden structure with a bright blue door that has a storied history dating back to the 1800’s in post-Civil War Georgetown.   Julia asked if the door knocker was still on the front door.  It turns out that she wanted a door knocker and so Paul went to the kitchen, commandeered a trivet and proceeded to attach it to the front door to be used as the requested door knocker.  It is still there, right on the bright blue door.

Julia Childs Front Door