After a week spent digging in mountains of snow, I couldn’t resist thoughts of spring.  

Today’s Photo Friday is a series of flowers images taken near home here in Maryland and in Ireland on various trips.  

Pink roses

Stunning pink roses

These beautiful old roses produced the most wonderful scent.  They were blooming all over trellises at the Strawberry Cottage, Cahir, Co. Tipperary. 

Hydraengas - one of my favourites

Hydrangeas – one of my favourites

Few blooms are as strikingly beautiful as hydrangeas.  I found these in the Walled Gardens at Kylemore Abbey, Co. Galway. 

Wild roses

Wild roses in the Burren

This delicate wild rose blooms between the craggy rocks in the Burren, Co. Clare’s famous limestone rock formation.

multicoloured lilies

Multicoloured lilies

These tiny lilies were found in the formal gardens at Dromoland Castle in Co. Clare. They reminded me of little butterflies.  

bearded iris

Violet bearded iris

I adore the brilliant colouring of these bearded iris.  They were also in the Walled Gardens at Kylemore Abbey.

dinner plate dahlias

Red Dahlias

This bright red dahlia was nearly a foot in diameter.  The red was just astonishing.  Growing at Iniscullen at Garinish Island, Co. Cork.  

late summer sunflowers

Late summer sunflowers

Just a mile from my home was a field – acres and acres of beautiful sunflowers.  

Next week is February 1 – spring can’t be far behind!