Thoughts of Spring flowers

Photo Fridays – Thoughts of Spring

After a week spent digging in mountains of snow, I couldn’t resist thoughts of spring.  

Today’s Photo Friday is a series of flowers images taken near home here in Maryland and in Ireland on various trips.  

Pink roses

Stunning pink roses

These beautiful old roses produced the most wonderful scent.  They were blooming all over trellises at the Strawberry Cottage, Cahir, Co. Tipperary. 

Hydraengas - one of my favourites

Hydrangeas – one of my favourites

Few blooms are as strikingly beautiful as hydrangeas.  I found these in the Walled Gardens at Kylemore Abbey, Co. Galway. 

Wild roses

Wild roses in the Burren

This delicate wild rose blooms between the craggy rocks in the Burren, Co. Clare’s famous limestone rock formation.

multicoloured lilies

Multicoloured lilies

These tiny lilies were found in the formal gardens at Dromoland Castle in Co. Clare. They reminded me of little butterflies.  

bearded iris

Violet bearded iris

I adore the brilliant colouring of these bearded iris.  They were also in the Walled Gardens at Kylemore Abbey.

dinner plate dahlias

Red Dahlias

This bright red dahlia was nearly a foot in diameter.  The red was just astonishing.  Growing at Iniscullen at Garinish Island, Co. Cork.  

late summer sunflowers

Late summer sunflowers

Just a mile from my home was a field – acres and acres of beautiful sunflowers.  

Next week is February 1 – spring can’t be far behind!    

The National Aquarium, Baltimore – Photo Fridays

The National Aquarium is a  focal point of any visit to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.     Open daily at 10 a.m., fascinating exhibits entice every member of the family to engage with creatures of the deep.  And the not so deep.

Great White Shark jaws - entrance to The National Aquarium

jaws and teeth of a great white shark

From friendly dolphins and a variety of sharks to the newest giant sea turtle more than 20,000 animals reside within the walls of the spectacular facility.  Birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and fish are all represented in a welcoming and up-close environment.


Book a “behind-the-scenes” immersion tour, become a member or contribute to conservation programs.  All are part of the National Aquarium experience.


Some exhibits are as local as the Maryland seashore.  Others are diverse and exotic – such as the Blacktip Reef, which replicates the Indo-Pacific reefs.

Get an up-close and personal view of sharks and rays

Get an up-close and personal view of sharks and rays

Aerial sculptures all to the museum effect

Aerial sculptures all to the museum effect

a pterodactyl soars ominously overhead

a pterodactyl soars ominously overhead

The National Aquarium offers multiple opportunities to support their conservation efforts.  Visitors can choose a favorite animal to “adopt” and help care for!


Shark tank at the National Aquarium


Visit The National Aquarium website for more information and prices.


Photo Fridays – Thomas Jefferson

In Washington, D.C., one of my favourite memorials is the one dedicated to Thomas Jefferson.  On a recent visit, I attempted to capture a different perspective of the iconic structure.  


Exterior marble columns

The 6-metre bronze statue of Jefferson stands in the center and until you actually enter the memorial, appears as a silhouette.


From his position on the west bank of the tidal basin, Thomas Jefferson gazes east toward the mall – capturing views of both the White House and the Washington Monument. 


Photo Fridays – Welcoming Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season of the year.  The crisp air, wonderful light, spectacular colours of nature.

To celebrate Fall’s arrival this week here are a few images of the season.

Nothing says "fall" like pumpkins and gourds.

Nothing says “fall” like pumpkins and gourds.


Vivid autumn colours

Vivid autumn colours


Soft afternoon light

Soft afternoon light

Photo Fridays: Fleetwood Mac

Featuring Photo Fridays!  

I love alliteration – so I’m adding a new weekly post to my blog.  I have lots of pictures that never make it to the blog- either because they don’t “make the cut” for a blog post or there just isn’t a post in the subject.  

Beginning with Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac has been my favourite group since the 1070’s, but I had never been to a live concert.  Two years ago, when they announced a new tour, my son got me tickets as a Christmas surprise gift.  It was the best gift ever!  And I loved going to the concert and seeing/hearing them live.

Here are a few of the shots taken at that concert

Philadelphia, April, 2013

Philadelphia, April, 2013


Gold Dust Woman

Gold Dust Woman